Carl John is a Soul Healer, a Master Teacher, award winning sound shaman and spiritual counselor. His ultimate truth and highest calling is to bring peace, love and healing to those that he touches. (see testimonials). His greatest joy is found in witnessing those around him shift energetic patterns and radically move through life’s challenges into self-mastery. This growth helps them to connect with themselves and others at a level they’ve never experienced. The result is a liberation that allows them to love and live to their full potential.

As an inspirational musician Carl John has the ability to captivate audiences through his unique blend of music, words and song. He is the winner of a HollyWood Music in Media Award for Best Folk Acoustic artist and nominated for Best In A Series (won by The Walking Dead) for Dark Side Of The Soul a collaboration with Grammy award winning sound shaman Robert Mirabal. His words, music and one-on-one sessions serve as a transformational experience to those he touches.

Carl John has won industry awards, performed on stage with Robin Thicke, has licensed his music for film and has recorded with a production team whose numerous credits include The Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson, and Jack Ingram. His audiobook, The Journey hOMe, features Grammy award-winning flutist Robert Mirabal and Ray Stephenson, platinum charting songwriter for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Guy Clark.


Do you see the sunlight shining through the rust
Through bloodshot eyes your own white lies a heart trampled in dust
Finally finding peace of mind losing all control
When you love the dark side of your soul.

Dark Side of the Soul


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