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The Journey Home

The Journey Home, takes the reader on a fascinating journey from a life of material wealth and the pursuit of pleasure through near-destitution. It chronicles a plethora of jaw-dropping external exploits and fascinating inner experiences with twists and turns that ultimately reveal the authors natural healing gifts and true purpose, our oneness and the reason for our suffering. Written in sing-song lyrical prose, the Journey Home is laced with humor, sex, mysticism, addiction, and is, in one way or another, the essence of every man’s journey.

The Journey Home - Chapter One (Preview)

by By Carl John

“The combination of Carl John’s descriptive narrative in his cowboy twang and his soulful music to story are heart opening. Anyone who has gone through any kind of identity crisis will appreciate the warmth and wonder of The Journey Home.”

Kristine CarlsonCo-author: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

“Carl John has written a beautifully poetic, and deeply honest inspiring book with many great lessons. His own journey, I believe, has not only the power to heal the reader, but also the power to create world peace. Let his Journey Home be used as your roadmap to enlightenment and freedom to heal yourself, as well as the world.”

Barbara Tavres
Barbara TavresOrdained Minister / Barnes & Noble Community Business Development Manager

“Carl John has a gift for words. Lyrical rhymes and disjointed sentences that inspire thought and insight. I know him as a songwriter and a singer. A poet. Here, in his first memoir, The Journey Home, he puts music on the page to tell his own story. It’s the story of love and loneliness, of rise, fall and the journey to self-discovery, archetypal in many respects and uniquely personal in others. The Journey Home is the story of courage; the courage to let everything that we ’think’ matters go – and take a free fall to honesty, with only faith as a parachute.”

Richard La PlanteAuthor: Hog Fever, The Fogarty-Tanaka Series, Never Again (Escargot Books)

“I am a fan of (CJ) Carl John, and his autobiographical work The Journey Home does not disappoint. He shares a mystical and universal journey of the hero. Thru powerful loss into insight, clarity of purpose and redemption. His words and music glide together on the resonant vibration of his natural healing energy. Reminiscent of Kerouac or Castaneda, this soul work is trans-temporal in it’s ability to transcend the receivers space and create transformation with its connection. Read, Listen and Shift.”

Melanie Salvatore-August
Fierce Kindness; Change Yourself to Change the World (2017)
Kitchen Yoga; Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body and Life Yellow Pear Press 2015


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