Carl John’s mission in life is the transformational healing of others. (see testimonials) It was through his own transformational journey that these gifts were brought about to be shared. As a spiritual guide and heart coherence healer, he has helped many others overcome their life traumas. His artistry continues that alignment of healing. He was the winner of a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Folk Acoustic Artist and nominated for Best In A Series for Dark Side Of The Soul, a collaboration with Grammy award-winning sound shaman Robert Mirabal. One of the first of such collaborations of shamanic healing music and Americana. Spreading love and healing through music, stories, and soul work is the mission in the dawning of this new age.

This life I’m living has left me without knowing
That road not taken has overtaken me
I catch my reflection staring from my rearview
But there’s no running from who you’re meant to be

Heart Like A Wheel

“I am a fan of (CJ) Carl John, and his autobiographical work A Journey Home does not disappoint. He shares a mystical and universal journey of the hero. Thru powerful loss into insight, clarity of purpose and redemption. His words and music glide together on the resonant vibration of his natural healing energy. Reminiscent of Kerouac or Castaneda, this soul work is trans-temporal in it’s ability to transcend the receivers space and create transformation with its connection. Read, Listen and Shift.”

Melanie Salvatore-August
Fierce Kindness; Change Yourself to Change the World (2017)
Kitchen Yoga; Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body and Life Yellow Pear Press 2015

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