Soul Healer

I am Carl John, a transformative artist, a soul healer, sound shaman, and transformational counsel. My purpose in life is to forge deep connections and guide individuals towards realizing their highest potential. I share my personal experiences of both darkness and illumination, offering only what I have personally undergone and found effective for my own journey of change.

My path began like many tales of self-made success, with a series of business endeavors that eventually prospered. I played an instrumental role in establishing the Las Vegas Arts District and served as the Social Chair for Southern Nevada in the Entrepreneur Organization Global. I embodied the Type A personality, occupying the privileged side of the rope. However, when life's inevitable tribulations struck, I made a conscious decision to embark on a less conventional path. This road yielded years of spiritual lessons that, through my own transformative journey, enabled me to develop innate gifts for healing myself and subsequently sharing those teachings with others. You can explore some of these experiences on my testimonials page.

Throughout my personal transformation, I intentionally delved into the realm of music as a profound spiritual exploration. Transitioning from my roles as a real estate financier and restaurateur, I ventured into the realm of a singer and songwriter. This intentional journey allowed me to channel my spiritual experiences and insights into my musical expressions. The result was a remarkable collaboration with Grammy award-winning sound shaman Robert Mirabal, which not only earned me a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Folk Acoustic Artist but also served as a conduit for spiritual healing. One of our notable creations, "Dark Side Of The Soul," seamlessly merged Native Americana and shamanic healing, marking an innovative union of musical artistry and transformative spirituality. This soul-stirring song made its debut on BMIR radio during Burning Man exodus, pioneering a groundbreaking fusion of shamanic healing and Americana music.

Finally, I documented my story, lessons, and teachings in a memoir titled "The Journey hOMe," immortalizing them on paper. I extend an invitation to experience the audiobook version.

Recently, as the universe brought my journey full circle back to where the transformational journey began. I released an inspired song of hope and evolution as homage to the city of Las Vegas. The song, BattleBorn (Vegas Golden Nights) was released and found me on CBS Sports, Fox News, Dr. Daliah and local radio. I was even blessed to perform at an official Stanley Cup watch party for the city as the Las Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup.

Through every facet of my artistic and transformative journey, my intention is to inspire others to radiate their inner brilliance. Together, perhaps we can usher in a new era of enlightenment for this time.

My Story, A Story

Through my own experiences, I aim to share a transformative story of assisting and supporting others. From business success to rock bottom, I delved into quantum physics, shadow work, and energy healing, unveiling my true path. Music and writing became vehicles for profound insights. I swiftly progressed from novice to sharing the stage with Robin Thicke, winning awards for "Dark Side Of The Soul," a collaboration with Grammy-winning sound shaman Robert Mirabal. Recently, I released a new song with widespread exposure, performing at major events. Unexpectedly, I became a teacher and practitioner of meditation and energy healing, guiding others to transform their lives. My audiobook, "The Journey hOMe," offers intimate experiences as a road map to growth and healing. Let's walk this path together intentionally, because we're doing it anyhow.

Highest & Best,

Do you see the sunlight shining through the rust
Through bloodshot eyes your own white lies a heart trampled in dust
Finally finding peace of mind losing all control
When you love the dark side of your soul.



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