Carl John Playing Guitar

Soul Healer

Carl John is a soul healer, a master teacher, award winning sound shaman and spiritual counselor whose mission in life is the transformational healing of others.

Through years of sharing these gifts, he has helped many others open their hearts and minds. They have gone on to live more fulfilling lives and credit Carl John as an instrument to their change. In their testimonials they share their wonderful experiences with him and the magnificent power of his healing energy.

In his own novel, A Journey Home, Carl John details his own transformative journey and the personal struggles that put him in touch with these gifts.

Carl John was also the winner of a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Folk Acoustic Artist and nominated for Best In A Series for Dark Side Of The Soul, a collaboration with Grammy award-winning sound shaman Robert Mirabal. One of the first of such collaborations of shamanic healing music and Americana. Spreading love and healing through music, stories, and soul work is the mission in the dawning of this new age.

Through all aspects of his artistry, Carl John continues to inspire others to dig into their own darkness in order to bring in the light. It is only by doing this that we can create a positive collective shift and navigate through life harmoniously and make the world a better place.

My Story, A Story

After creating a life of money and luxury then losing it all, I found myself in the same place most people might: lost and soul sick. I began to deepen my study of quantum physics, shadow work and energy healing. These explorations helped me heal my soul and uncover my true path. This path led me towards music and writing, into which I incorporated these meaningful discoveries.
I applied ancient truths that I discovered and watched as the miraculous unfolded in my life. Having never played music before, in a matter of only 3 months, I went from 3 chords on a guitar to sharing a stage with Robin Thicke. I won a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Folk Acoustic artist and was even nominated for Best In A Series (which was won by The Walking Dead) for a song that I wrote about the shadow work titled, Dark Side Of The Soul. Dark Side Of The Soul was a collaboration with Robert Mirabal, a Grammy award winning sound shaman from Taos Pueblo. This was one in a series of events leading me deeper into the healing path and the quantum field (the field of existence).

I ultimately became a Master Teacher in energy healing modalities, a path that I would have never imagined for myself. My wish is that my words, music, one-on-one and group sessions serve as a transformational experience for others. In my audiobook, The Journey hOMe, described as, “a roadmap to enlightenment and freedom to heal yourself, as well as the world” I share intimate experiences of a transformational healing journey to assist the reader in their own journey. After experiencing my own inner reconciliation and healing gifts, I felt called to share my journey with others in the hopes of helping them to heal themselves. I truly feel that this is my ultimate reason for being here.
I hope to share in your journey along the way…

Highest & Best,

Do you see the sunlight shining through the rust
Through bloodshot eyes your own white lies a heart trampled in dust
Finally finding peace of mind losing all control
When you love the dark side of your soul.



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