The Journey Home

Peace, Love & Purpose.

Carl John is a Soul Healing, Award-Winning, Inspirational Musician. His ultimate truth and highest calling are to bring peace, love, and purpose to the lives that he touches.

Live Shows

The Journey Home
The Journey Home is an inspirational performance interweaving live music, stories of self-discovery, and lessons of faith from Carl John’s newly released autobiography of the same name. Laced with humor, sex, mysticism, and addiction, Carl John takes the audience on a fascinating journey from a life of material wealth and the pursuit of pleasure through near-destitution. He describes a series of jaw-dropping external exploits and fascinating inner experiences with twists and turns that ultimately reveal his natural healing gifts and true purpose, our oneness, and the reason for our suffering.

Yoga & Retreats

Yoga Performance
Solo acoustic or accompanied as a 3-piece. Inspirational & healing.

REM Restoration Energy & Music
A rejuvenating workshop that delivers a unique combination of healing energy and live music designed to inspire a sense of peace, calm and connection.


“Carl John is one of those wonderful people you meet that you just sense has come into your life at just the right time. He exudes a gentle & caring energy that greets you in a spiritual embrace – just the way that you are, and just the way that you’re not. He commands your attention, not with words or force, but with a loving soul that beckons you to a place of healing and understanding with great compassion. What a blessing to come along an intuit & healer in the perfect moment – now!”

Gloria Mazza PersicoOwner- The Yoga Fusion


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